Let’s Focus On The Facts

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3 Responses

  1. Antonio says:

    There is not doubt that a.c.bhaktyvedanta swami death in 1977 was extremely premature and caused by poisoning.other senior goodbrothers also disciples of srila bhaktissidhantasaraswati have confirmed this fact .Is very disturbing to hear the truth but ignorance of the truth facts is danger for the sincere devotees i support as old prabhupadas disciple your scientific evidence .

  2. Antonio says:

    I believe that all person involved in our dear gurudevas poisoning must be removed from freedom to still further damage the society that he created whith out any personal ambition and so much sacrifice ,love and dedication.to leave free this people to further adulterated prepared own books and spiritual standard of genuine devoted life is very danger

  3. Antonio says:

    Any sincere individual in the whole history of American politics like kenedy,Martin Luther king, etc have being a target for evil polluted satanic illuminati followers to plot to kill and destroy also our gurudeva was targeted by evil satanic followers .

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